From the very first, we were welcomed with smiles and enthusiasm. My mom joined the group activity ... she was happily participating and, for the very first time, enjoying herself amongst her peers. This program changed my life and is a god send.     ~ LB

Neurologist told us that socialization and being active is a very important piece of staving off the inevitable progression of this disease. The activities provided in this program are comprehensive, engaging and, most importantly, fun- exactly what the doctor ordered.     ~ MM

It was becoming increasingly challenging to take care of her at home ... their warm, concerned, caring welcome gave us all hope. Their understanding of our situation, their empathy and their genuine love of seniors was apparent from the moment we walked into the center. They gave us advice, offered support groups and referrals, and most importantly invited our mother to attend the center. Attending the program brings joy to my mother. We have gone to observe while she is there and she smiles, dances, exercises. For a few hours, a few days a week, she is in a stimulating environment and is engaged with people who really enjoy her and make her feel that she belongs. Nothing can stop the steady, slow devastating Alzheimer's demise but we believe my mother's time at the program has helped its impeding progression.     ~ CW

Your program has given my mother so much: new friends, new experiences, and a great deal of happiness. All of the staff give their all to oversee the well-being of program attendees. The entertainers, dance and exercise teachers, games, art and projects keep my 91-year old mother engaged, happy, and looking forward to each day at the center. Simple words cannot express my gratitude.     ~ CL

Your Adult Day Care Program has changed our world. My mother has been going to the center 3 days a week for a couple of months now and she can't seem to get enough. She goes to bed each night now looking forward to getting up in the morning. All of the staff members who are there for these seniors are fun and caring. I just can't say enough about how happy I am with the program. I feel that, in a way, this program has given my Mom a second chance at enjoying her life. She has become like her old self again.     ~ MA K

Six months ago, my mother came to live with me. Her doctor recommended that I "socialize" my mother. I was referred to the Glen Cove Adult Day program by a friend. They make coming to the center fun, I have never met such a hardworking, dedicated, patient, compassionate and sensitive people. They all go above and beyond every single day ... the City of Glen Cove is very fortunate to have a little jewel hidden at 130 Glen Street.     ~ J.P.

I am so grateful to have the Glen Cove Adult Day program for my dad. He enjoys the people, the activities and the food. It keeps his mind and body active and engaged for the hours that he is there. Thank you to all the wonderful staff.     ~ EF

Program Peers
I continue to marvel at the level of dignity and respect that each and every staff member presents. The staff interacts with program members with tremendous care, securing their safety, while encouraging their engagement in the community and with one another. Their level of professionalism and love for their jobs is profoundly obvious. The town of Glen Cove is surely fortunate to have such devoted staff in their employ.     ~ Marcy Rhodes, LMSW Making Memories through the Arts

It has been my honor to work with the staff and clients of the Glen Cove Adult Program over the past 2 years in a program that invites adults with Alzheimer's into the Museum's galleries to discuss the art on view. During each and every visit to NCMA the experience is deeply enriched by the insights, loving attention, and patience of the staff that accompany the client ... enjoying art ... transported to a place beyond the challenges of the daily struggles faced by adults with Alzheimer's ... this program would not be possible without the incredibly hard working and dedicated staff.
~ Laura Lynch - Nassau County Museum of Art - Meet Me in the Galleries

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow as a person, student, and soon to be art therapist. I am more than grateful this was my first experience as an art therapy intern. I will forever hold the memories we all made together and the lessons I've learned close to me. I walked into this program with little knowledge of this population, I only knew I wanted to help. But you taught me how to love, care and support for the population that needs it the most and I can't wait to share what you've all taught me to my clients in the near future. I truly believe this experience helped me find my voice, as well as reminded me of my purpose in life. The way each of you takes care of the seniors and consider every aspect of their personality is mind-blowing and really motivating. There are not enough people like you, and I wish this program could extend across the world to bless every person that needs it. The program feels like a home, and I felt like I was part of a family. I know this program will continue to build and grow into something even more beautiful. Your love and warmth for the seniors inspired me to be the same caring and compassionate person for everyone and anyone. Wherever life takes me, I hope to find myself here again and again.     ~ J

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