Senior Moments Radio Broadcast


Since 2012, Stuart and Nina Held have been the hosts of our very own Senior Center radio show called "Senior Moments" on 88.1 FM. They've recorded over 300 episodes at Long Island University. We would like to thank Stuart and Nina for all their hard work and dedication, their producers Maria Stieglitz and Carolyn Eipel for all their support, Dale Zurbrick for his incredible song choices, and Dan Cox for creating and organizing this very special program. This team of wonderful people worked so hard for so many years, and it was all voluntary. They did it because they love the Center, love the people they interviewed, and took pride in every show.

Instead of a radio show, they will be doing a monthly podcast right here in our Center. It's going to be called "Senior Moments: Everyone Has a Story". They will be interviewing members of our Center, so be sure to keep an eye out for it, starting 2020. Thank you Stu & Nina!