J – Interns

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn and grow as a person, student, and soon to be art therapist. I am more than grateful this was my first experience as an art therapy intern. I will forever hold the memories we all made together and the lessons I’ve learned close to me. I walked into this program with little knowledge of this population, I only knew I wanted to help. But you taught me how to love, care and support for the population that needs it the most and I can’t wait to share what you’ve all taught me to my clients in the near future. I truly believe this experience helped me find my voice, as well as reminded me of my purpose in life. The way each of you takes care of the seniors and consider every aspect of their personality is mind-blowing and really motivating. There are not enough people like you, and I wish this program could extend across the world to bless every person that needs it. The program feels like a home, and I felt like I was part of a family. I know this program will continue to build and grow into something even more beautiful. Your love and warmth for the seniors inspired me to be the same caring and compassionate person for everyone and anyone. Wherever life takes me, I hope to find myself here again and again.

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